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We provide Mahindra Powerol Diesel Generators / Gensets / DG Sets / Diesel Generator Sets, Soundproof Mobile Generator Vans, Silent Generators On Hire / Hiring / Rental Services. Our all products are of a reputed Manufacturer in this field. We are also Authorized Dealer, Distributor, Supplier of Mahindra Powerol Diesel Generators (5 KVA, 10 KVA TO 75 KVA, 82.5 KVA TO 200 KVA, 250 KVA TO 320 KVA, 400 KVA TO 625 KVA, 25 KVA / 125 KVA), Compact Gensets, Silent Diesel Generators, Gas Powered Generators, Generator Control Panels, Genset Spares. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

AUTO POWER GEN SYSTEMS PVT LTD, The POWER GENERATORS HIRING company in Pune (Maharashtra) is a trusted name in Diesel Generator hiring industry. We provide complete range of Diesel Generators from 5 kva to 1000 kva on rental basis, for Industrial Companies, Infra Companies, Agricultural, Construction, Metro services, Events, Hospitals, Home Parties, Weddings, Receptions, and Exhibitions for short term (Daily, Weekly) and for long term (Monthly, Yearly) basis. We have an efficient technical team comprising of skilled workers. We have an experience of more than two decades in the line of hiring Diesel Generator Sets & have mastered the profession by establishing marketing links. Since Auto Power Gen Systems Pvt Ltd was formed we have built an excellent reputation for providing efficient and reliable power services from our base. Auto Power Gen Systems Pvt Ltd is committed to delivering the best in Generator hire. We continue to invest in new equipment to ensure we provide our customers with innovative, reliable generators and we provide full 24*7 service support.

Silent Generator

  • Range of DG Sets: 5kva ~ 1000kva.
  • Hiring Periods: Daily /Monthly /Yearly
  • Delivery Time: Immediately*

Soundproof Mobile Generator van

  • Range of DG Sets > 30kva ~ 500kva.
  • Hiring Periods > Daily ~ Weekly ~ Monthly ~ Yearly.
  • Delivery Time > Immediately*.




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